Our services


  • Cabinet Area, Energy, Cooling and Physical Security
  • (Grill / lock system for each cabinet)
  • Hardware Maintenance and Support
  • Expert Support for each service
  • Data Center Transfer Services
  • Customer-specific Private Office Areas

Storage Area

  • Customer-Specific Storage Areas
  • Redundancy Tape Change and Storage Services
  • Service Area for Container Data Center

Disaster Recovery

  • Alternative Area Services for Companies with Disaster Recovery Scenarios
  • Housing and IT Services for Container Data Services

Cross Connect

  • Separate Fiber Optic and Copper Cable Pathways Connecting Telecom Rooms and DC Halls
  • Separate Fiber Optic and Copper Cable Pathways Between Telecom Rooms (MMR)

Cabinet / Server Transfer Assistance

  • Data Center Transfer Services including Planning
  • Server Transfer Services including Planning

Data Center Solutions

  • Design, Installation and Launch of Data Centers
  • Mobile Data Center Models for Disaster Recovery Scenarios, Positioning, Engineering and Operating Services for such Models




Server Rental


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